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People and machines collaborate on new K-pop songs

By Chris Cooke | Published on Tuesday 27 February 2018

London-based tech start-up Jukedeck has unveiled details about a partnership with Korean music and entertainment company Enterarts. The tie-up has seen the latter’s songwriters collaborate with the former’s AI technology to create new music. Those creations are being performed for the first time in Seoul today.

Jukedeck explains: “Enterarts’ well-known team of composers and producers have taken pieces of music composed by Jukedeck as their starting point and composed and produced K-pop songs using Jukedeck’s music as the main musical material, in a process they describe as ‘putting the human emotion’ into the song”.

The company adds that both it and Enterarts believe that, “rather than replacing human composers, the power of AI lies in its ability to be used as a tool by human composers and producers to fuel their creativity. This collaboration is an exciting early example of human musicians working with AI to compose something new”.

After today’s performance, recorded versions of the new songs will be released on iTunes and all the key streaming platforms in Korea. The Jukedeck team will also be taking part in the CMU Insights AI Conference at The Great Escape in May, discussing how AI-based music composition tools fit into the music making process.

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